Dues are $30 per month and members pay for their own meals and tickets to events. Members also pay a $5 program fee for most activities to help defray expenses. Non-members pay a $15 program fee for any events or activities they join.












Members meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month to hang out and plan things to do. Members also go out two to three times per month to movies, sporting events, comedy clubs, museums, hikes, fairs, festivals and anything else that sounds interesting.













To expand our members’ worlds by creating an environment in which they can find joy and growth through adventure and connection


To nurture growth through fun and socializing


To create an emotionally safe environment that inspires the courage to experience new possibilities


To encourage member-driven independent life experiences



To empower and transform our

members and their communities

through inclusion and adventurous participation.




Celebrating individuality

Empowering our members

Ensuring an environment of

emotional safety

Having fun

Believing in our members  




"Life’s an adventure

We’re living it,


everyone’s invited" 


Paul Gever, Mentor-in-Chief

Email: offp@outlook.com

Philadelphia, PA


"Life’s an adventure

We’re living it, and everyone’s invited." 


copyright 2020

Creating a Social World for Adults on the Autism Spectrum