Since we are unable to have in-person meetings and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic regular club meetings are being held via Zoom (Meeting ID:4971814384). Below is a schedule of our weekly activities.






Week of 1/10/2020:


• Tuesday 1/12: Weekly meeting/rap session


• Thursday 1/14: Netflix Series: The Queen's Gambit


• Saturday 1/16: Movie: King in the Wilderness



Week of 1/17/2020:


• Tuesday 1/19: Weekly meeting/rap session


• Thursday 1/21: Netflix Series: The Queen's Gambit


• Friday 1/22: Men's Group


• Saturday 1/23: Movie: The Social Dilemma

W24eek of 1/3/2020:


• Tuesday 1/5: Weekly meeting/rap session


• Thursday 1/7: Netflix Series: The Queen's Gambit


• Friday 1/8: Men's Group


• Saturday 1/9: Movie: Stand By Me














Paul Gever, Mentor-in-Chief


Philadelphia, PA


Weeekly Zoom Schedule

Creating a Social World for Adults on the Autism Spectrum 








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